Walter Memories

Documenting a moment in time


Moment's in time that take your breath away need to be captured and stored for easy retrieval later.


Learning the art of photography and working toward sharing my ability with others has been a relaxing and enjoyable hobby. I am taking it to a professional level through Walter Memories Photography.

Wedding Bells Ringing soon

Take the picture quick

Last nights weather

2010 spring - Police officer, motorcyclist injured in charity ride crash - Police officer, motorcyclist injured in charity ride crash

Tax payers concerned about who pays for this????

More October 2009

Ilan leaves for the coast guard

october 2009

quick update

Middle daughter getting ready to turn 18.
Oldest and family moved into their own home.
Youngest moving downstairs.
Opened an old facility at work more budget cuts pending.
I am working in training, throwing bags, taking photos, 11 year old scouts, and training for a 1/2 marathon.
Middle daughter leaves for school in three weeks.
Oldest gets married September 12.
Youngest turns 13 in Novemeber.
Just a quick update....

Time to update